What Is a Drilled Well, Exactly?

A well is a hole that is drilled deep into the ground. The top portion of the well is lined with casing to prevent collapse and stop any contaminants from entering the water supply. A pump sits at the bottom of the well to move water up through pipes to a distribution line. A well cap is placed at the very top of the well to provide sanitary protection and safety.

How do I get a well drilled on my property?

Call a professional. Well-technicians are certified in water well drilling, which means they are licensed by the state. Any construction or repairs needed should be done by a professional.

What factors determine the cost of a new well? The largest factor in determining the cost of a new well is the well depth. This can be tricky, because we will not know the actual well depth of a new well until we drill it. We rely on information on other wells in the area to estimate the depth of a new well.

Are you licensed to drill wells?

Yes we are!

Connecticut Wells/Geothermal Services, Inc. provides professional water well services adhering to the water well regulation standards set by the State of Connecticut. We are also licensed in New York and Massachusetts.
• State of CT Well Contractor license: WWC.0000004-W1
• State of CT Well Drilling license: WNC.0000065-W3

State of NY Well Drilling license: NYRD-10200

State of Mass. Well Drilling license: 722

When should I have my well drilled?

If you are building a house, it is useful to put the well in first. Your building contractor will need water for a number of things during the construction of your home. Connecticut Wells/Geothermal Services, Inc. works year round and can drill your well any month of the year.

How long does the process take?

Several conditions contribute to how long well drilling will take, which means time can vary from project to project. Generally, drilling could take one or two days. Pump installation typically takes a day to complete. It’s best to reach out to a contractor as soon as possible, as they can start filing for permits to perform work on your property immediately.

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