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We are the premiere water well drilling contractor in Connecticut , New York and New England. Connecticut Wells uses the most modern drill rigs and technologies to operate safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. From drill rigs to grout trucks to support vehicles, every vehicle in our fleet reflects the pride and professionalism Connecticut Wells demands.

Planning for a water well shouldn’t be a difficult task. Connecticut Wells provides excellent water well drilling services in Fairfield County, CT. Using a great well drilling contractor in CT and NY simplifies the drilling process and allows you to get involved with drilling your well. Our company offers comprehensive services to help our customers learn about the digging of wells, and we strive to help you understand the purpose of our hydro-fracture service and the different types of water well drilling methods we use.

We offer extensive services that cover just about everything related to wells, including water location, the drilling process, and well abandonment. Our company offers the most affordable well drilling services in Fairfield County, CT. We also offer other services, including well-deepening services if you wish to widen the size of your well. You will have a better water flow in your well when you utilize our professional hydro-fracture service. Hire our professionals to get the job done well.

Call a good drilling expert to deal with your well after it reaches its limit. Well abandonment is a crucial process that includes taking care of the environment and promoting safety in your surroundings. Professional filling ensures that the water remains clean and non-contaminated.

Connecticut Wells works on extensive projects such as residential water well drilling in Fairfield County, CT and geothermal services in CT and NY. Give us a call today to learn more about our projects and the services we offer.

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Water Well



With over 50 years of water well drilling experience, Connecticut Wells’ project managers will work with you to plan...


Hydrosurge is a well development process that forces clean, portable water under high pressure to open fissures...


Deepening a water well will result in more storage and, in most cases, a greater yield. If a well is too shallow to...


A water well abandonment may be necessary to reduce or eliminate any chance of contaminating the groundwater...




400 +






Geothermal Heating and Cooling


Studies show that approximately 70% of the energy used in geothermal systems is renewable energy from the ground. The remainder is clean electrical energy, which is used to concentrate heat and transport it from one location to another.


Geothermal energy is an efficient, green, and, reliable heating and cooling solution.


We work with architects and engineers by offering conductivity testing and test wells.

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Michael Siepmann
Our experience with Connecticut Wells was top notch. We needed a new well for our house we recently purchased. After driving past their billboard on rt 8 a few times, I decided to give them a call one morning to have them give us a second opinion. Don was able to come out a few hours later and we had a new quote within 24 hours. He was very knowledgeable and experienced which made us feel confident in our decision to use Connecticut Wells. Their whole team was professional and made quick work of our new 360 ft well. They setup a nice containment fence while drilling and did a wonderful job with cleanup. Nicely reseeded and all!
Brian Goodman
Roger Craig Pump & Well Service recommended Connecticut Wells to perform the drilling of a new well for a recently bought home. Roger Craig had provided an estimate as part of the buying negotiation and we decided to go with them given solid recommendations and obvious knowledge of the business and players. Their recommendation to use Connecticut Wells was more evidence of that. Don Bard was our point of contact and his professionalism was a welcomed presence given all the less impressive vendors we have engaged over the years. He explained exactly what would happen and handled all the local town activities (not always the case with some vendors). His follow-up and availability gave us the confidence that progress was always being made. CT Wells drilled a 600+ feet well. The drilling and hydro-fracking crews were amazing - professional, patient and hard working. Everyone was approachable and entertained our curiosity. If only all our interactions with companies were as enjoyable. Now, 600+ feet feels deep to me, but a less scrupulous driller could have easily kept going. At that depth we had a legal well and Don thought more depth would not be an effective use of money, so we stopped for the day. Everyone packed up and left. It was an expensive day and the money didn't feel particularly well spent. Don had mentioned hydro-fracking would be the next best action given the sunk investment. The frustration we were feeling had nothing to do with the idea, it was knowing how inexact a science all of this was. Don walked us through what would happen, the guarantees etc. A week later the well was hydro-fracked, and we almost tripled our recharge rate. Now that felt better! Given the technology and know-how Connecticut Wells brought to the situation, I don’t know that any other provider could match the outcome. Overall, we spent more than expected, but know the best people were on the job and have complete confidence in the new well. We completely recommend Connecticut Wells if you are considering them for your project!
Tara Greenhaw
After getting no water out of our faucets, I texted Don late in the evening and he responded within 15 minutes. Don, and all the folks at CT Wells, were an absolute pleasure to work with. We had Roger Craig replace our pump and CT Wells did our hydro fracture in our 600 foot deep well. We now have the most water we have ever had in the 15 years we have lived in our home. I would highly recommend them!
Jillian Zampaglione
Service was fantastic, timely and personable! They did exactly what they promised. I appreciated their honesty when I asked about a different system (that would have meant more profit for them) but they said it would not be a smart choice for my home. I tried contacting other companies prior to getting the work done, but this one was the only one who made me feel like I wasn't just another number. Fully recommend.
Robert Farrell
We had a geothermal well of 480 feet drilled and installed on our residential property. Now, 480 feet is a lot of depth! The entire process was handled flawlessly by CT Wells, who are genuine professionals in their field. These guys know what they're doing. Once we signed the contract, they initially set up a fencing area, then they carefully listed the process step-by-step. They kept to schedule and followed through on all technical requirements to ensure that the job was done right. The well is guaranteed by CT Wells for 55 years. Rob Loftus was our project manager and was easy to work with. Rob answered our basic questions, and then more detailed ones as the project advanced until the entire project was completed. So yes, we can sincerely recommend CT Wells!