Connecticut Wells
Hydrofracking Well Service

Connecticut Wells Hydrofracking Well Service

Connecticut Wells/Geothermal Services, Inc. has been an industry leader in the Hydrofracturing (Hydrofrac) of water wells since the mid 1980’s.  Hydrofracking is a procedure which is usually done when a water supply well is not yielding adequate amounts of water.  A low yield in a water well is typically caused by either small and isolated fractures or fractures that have sediment or mineral accumulations. Both of these conditions respond well to hydrofracture.

During hydrofracking an implement is lowered into the well after the pump has been removed.  On this implement there are two devices, known as packers, which are separated by 40′ of perforated pipe.  Once inflated, these packers isolate each 40′ zone so that a higher concentration of pressure and water can be used to clean out and connect existing fractures with nearby fractures.  This procedure is repeated every 40′.

Connecticut Wells/Geothermal Services, Inc. uses only chlorinated, potable water during the hydrofracture process, unlike the fracking of oil and gas wells where sands, ceramics and chemicals are used.

Connecticut Wells/Geothermal Services, Inc. GUARANTEES that your well yield will increase at least 1 gallon per minute over it’s current yield.  Typical results are gains of 1-3 gallons per minute and occasionally, greater results occur.  Our success rate in obtaining an additional 1 gallon per minute is over 95%.

If you have little or no water give us a call and ask about our hydrofracture service.

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